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Your OEM Brand: Quality Crafted, Worldwide Delivery

USA-Based Design, Global Manufacturing, Local Warehousing - One Trustworthy Partner

"For 20 years, SIG has streamlined our highest-volume product line, managing production to logistics. Their support has enhanced cash flow, simplified operations, and let us focus on designing and marketing new products."

Product Manager, Fortune 500 OEM, Southeastern USA

Global Sourcing Since 1987:

We're SIG, Paving Your Path to Success.

Since 1987, Sheehan International Group (SIG) has been the go-to partner in global sourcing for North American Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). From midsized businesses to Fortune 500 leaders, our reliable supply chain services have proven to be indispensable.

Our commitment is all-encompassing. From initial design consultation to final product delivery, and with continuous support throughout the product lifecycle, we're with you every step of the way.

Our Newburgh, NY headquarters is strategically positioned at the intersection of two major highways and near the bustling Port of New York & New Jersey. This, along with our dedicated team and warehouse, enables smooth and efficient product movement.

SIG Global Sourcing - Your Partner in Success. Your Goals, Our Commitment.

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Unlock Better Cash Flow

Only get billed when your products depart from our New York hub, not upon their completion overseas. This efficient cycle reduces the lag between purchasing inventory and receiving payments from your clientele, freeing up valuable cash flow for other business endeavors.


Minimize Inventory Overhead

Safely store your products in our facility and dispatch them when you're set. You get the assurance of having stock in the US, eliminating the need to clutter your own storage space and financial books.


Fortify Your Supply Chain

While many faced supply chain hiccups recently, our clients sailed smoothly. Why? We empowered them with foresight, stocking and forecasting way ahead. Experience a supply chain built to withstand challenges.


Prioritize What You Do Best; We Handle the Rest

We're laser-focused: creating, stocking, and delivering assemblies and subassemblies for North American entities. The result? A seamless process for our clients. Once in motion, we manage all interactions with the factories, orchestrate logistics, maintain stock consistency, and ensure timely deliveries. It's our sole mission, and we excel at it.


Leverage Our Volume and Relationship Benefits

When partnering with us, you tap into decades of nurturing ties with factory and logistics associates. Our vast portfolio scale ensures that even small and mid-sized clients enjoy the preferential treatment and pricing typically bestowed upon global giants. Where beneficial, we consolidate products from various clients in containers to secure optimal rates.


Experience Seamless US-Based Communication

Bypass the hassle of factory negotiations – we've got it covered. Our seasoned team maintains an effective dialogue with all our international affiliates, underpinned by a deep grasp of North American business demands.

How it Works

Through our meticulous, white-glove process, we empower you to construct and stock your products with unwavering assurance.

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 Some Things We Build 

Audio Cables & Test Leads


High Voltage Insulators


Gas Springs & Drawer Slides

PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies)

Signal Lighting


Computer Cables

Machined Parts

Power Distribution Units

Power Supplies & AC/DC Adapter


Heat Sinks

Cable Assemblies

Fans & Blowers

Box Build Assemblies

Power Strips

Threaded Parts

Power Cords

Value-Added Assemblies

Industries Served

We cater to a diverse range of OEM sectors. Here are some industries where our expertise shines.

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95 Ann Street

Newburgh, NY 12551

845 562 5546

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