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Benefit from our focus

With all the complexities of global sourcing, SIG offers a simplified, one-stop solution, based in the USA. We are an end-to-end partner with global reach and expertise.


Improve cash flow

Get billed for your products when they ship from our New York warehouse, not when they are completed at the overseas factory. You enjoy reduced time between paying for inventory and getting paid by your customers, often unlocking months of cash for your other business needs.


Reduce inventory

Stock your product in our warehouse and we will ship when you're ready. You gain the certainty of stateside availability without actually holding the inventory in your own warehouse and on your balance sheet.


Strengthen your supply chain

Our customers avoided many of the recent supply chain disruptions because we helped them adequately stock and forecast for months in advance. Our infrastructure promotes supply chain resiliency.


Focus on your core business; leave sourcing and logistics to us

Our mandate is clear and focused: to build, stock and deliver assemblies and subassemblies for North American brands. In this respect, we are truly a one-stop shop. Many of our customers rarely even touch their physical products; once we're in production, we handle all of the back-and-forth with the factories, logistics planning and execution, maintaining stock levels, and delivery of the product. We are well equipped to do this because it is all that we do.


Gain scale advantages with production and shipping rates

As a client of ours, you will enjoy the volume and relationship advantages we have accrued over decades with our factory and logistics partners. Our scale across the portfolio means that each client receives attentiveness and pricing typically reserved for the largest companies in the world. When advantageous, we will load containers with multiple customers' products to achieve the best rates.


Deal exclusively with a USA-based team

We resolve problems with the factory so you don't have to. We maintain a direct and efficient dialogue with all of our international partners, informed by our intuitive understanding of North American businesses' needs.

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