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Global Sourcing Since 1989

What We Do

At SIG, we combine your vision with our expertise to build your custom electronics assemblies. As a global sourcing agent and contract manufacturer since 1989, we work with our well-established stable of Asian factories to ensure your products are built to your exacting specifications and your North American stock is maintained according to your requirements.

New York Printed Circuit Board Assembly PCBA contract manufacturing

How it Works

Our white-glove process helps you build and stock your products with confidence.

China electronic contract manufacturing and logistics

 Some Things We Build 

PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies)

Custom Castings

Custom Machined Parts

Custom Signal Lighting

Wire Harnesses 

Custom Cable Assemblies

Box Build Assemblies

Custom Magnetics, Inductors & Coils

Custom Audio Cables & Test Leads

Custom Stampings

Custom Power Cords

Heat Sinks

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