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Discover the Power of Simplified Sourcing

SIG is your all-in-one USA-based solution for effectively navigating the complexities of offshore sourcing. We're more than a contract manufacturing service; we're your end-to-end partner with more than three decades of experience fulfilling custom requirements and owning the process, end-to-end.

Contract manufacturing and shipping in New York


Unlock Better Cash Flow

Only get billed when your products depart from our New York hub, not upon their completion overseas. This efficient cycle reduces the lag between purchasing inventory and receiving payments from your clientele, freeing up valuable cash flow for other business endeavors.


Minimize Inventory Overhead

Safely store your products in our facility and release them when you're set. You get the assurance of having stock in the US, eliminating the need to clutter your own storage space and tie up your cash in excess inventory.


Fortify Your Supply Chain

Our clients avoided many of the recent supply chain disruptions, Why? We empowered them with forecasting, accurate lead time estimates and adequate US-based stock. With us, your supply chain will be built to withstand challenges.


Prioritize What You Do Best; We Handle the Rest

Our mandate is clear and focused: to build, stock and deliver assemblies and subassemblies for North American brands. The result? A seamless process for our clients. Once in motion, we manage all interactions with the factories, orchestrate logistics, maintain stock consistency, and ensure timely deliveries. It's our sole mission, and we excel at it.


Leverage Our Volume and Relationship Benefits

When partnering with us, you tap into 35 years of relationships with high-quality Asian factories. Our vast portfolio scale ensures that even small and mid-sized clients enjoy the preferential treatment and pricing typically reserved for global giants. Where beneficial, we consolidate products from various clients in containers to secure optimal rates.


Enjoy 100% US-Based Communication

Bypass the hassle of factory negotiations – we've got it covered. Our seasoned team maintains an effective dialogue with all our international affiliates, underpinned by a deep grasp of North American business demands.

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